How you share indicates how serious you are

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How you share indicates how serious you are

When a match is made, it’s time to celebrate. To keep the user in high spirits, these moments are often more dramatic than the rejections. Bumble celebrates the matches with a boom and the picture of both parties, while Inner Circle just puts them under a tab in your Activity section. The fear of being rejected vanishes with each joyful match.

What happens after the initial flutter of a match? Every app treats taking things to the next level a bit differently.

While all of the reviewed apps have basic text exchanges to allow users go get to know each other on a 1:1 chat, a few took things to the next level. Inner Circle, Happn, and Tinder integrate third-party services like Spotify and Instagram. Sudy lets users send each other voice messages so you can feel that hotline bling.

Grindr’s parti-pris makes its way into its users’ conversations with a series of custom emoji… some more subtle than others. Along with flesh-colored aubergines, users can also share photos, videos, music, and location. (mai mult…)