Part 1: What To Do After The Breakup If You Cheated and Want Them Back?

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Part 1: What To Do After The Breakup If You Cheated and Want Them Back?

I texted him constantly. He didn’t reply to my messages. I called him almost three hundred times, he never picked up. I eventually gave up. I thought my marriage was over.

Then my coworker visa den contacted me. He wanted to hook up again. I felt disgusted. I never felt so disgusted in my life than at that moment. Is that who I am? Am I the type of person who would ruin a perfect e day?

I was better than that. I am better than that. I told him to never contact me again and I blocked him. The next day, I quit my job and started looking for another job.

I didn’t hear from my ex for a week. But then he called me. It was a video call. I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn’t with anyone. I was home.

I was sure he will talk about getting a divorce. But he didn’t. He just asked what I was doing and what I did the entire week. I told him the truth. I told him I quit my job and I was searching for another job. He asked about the other guy and I told him I blocked him.

He didn’t have much to say that day. But then we spoke again the next day and he asked more questions. Why did I cheat? How could I do this to him?

We kept talking every day. Whenever the topic of my cheating came up, I was as honest as possible. Those conversations were hard for both of us. (mai mult…)