She said I betrayed her and that I didn’t want to be with her/love her etc

aprilie 13th, 2024| kuumia-ja-seksikkaita-tyttoja-maailmassa wikipedia postimyynti morsian|

She said I betrayed her and that I didn’t want to be with her/love her etc

I received a call while hanging out with her. It was a girl that wanted to hang out. One that I have known for a few months (post gf). Anyway I told the girlfriend who was on the phone and she flipped out!

She can’t believe that I gave the girl my number or that the girl had mine. The fact I talked to the girl was probably the part the upset her the most.

To me this seems very strange as we have been together for 4 years and I have never cheated on her or broken her trust.

What do I do? I am willing to not see any more girls period (to be with her). But this seems just a tad extreme to me. Am I wrong?

I’m surprised that you’re willing not to see any more girls, period, just to be with her. Admittedly, four years is a long time, but this is one of those things that’s worth putting up a fight against. She’s trying to cow you into disregarding half of the planet, simply to soothe her neuroticism and paranoia.

And I really don’t like the idea of my girlfriend being the only girl I ever know (she is my first and only good female relationship atm)

She needs to get over this, and not just with regards to this specific person. If she can’t figure out a way to override her insecurities with her trust in you, there are more serious problems than the remote possibility that kuumimmat naiskaupungit maailmassa you’d even consider cheating on her. (mai mult…)