Plenty of Fish Led Me to My Soulmate

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Plenty of Fish Led Me to My Soulmate

It may just be your lucky bite.

Words cannot describe how it feels to find your soul mate. Most people would think it is impossible to. However, I am living proof you can find your soul mate upon a dating website such as Tinder or Grinder. I found my forever love upon the dating application Plenty of Fish (POF).

Not all of us have the same “coming out” story, but some of us do. My story was I was scared. I was pretending to be a woman that I was not. I was living a boring life that I knew was not mine. One day I decided to join the world of Plenty of Fish-which is kind of an ironic name for a dating website. I did not have much luck the first day, but the next day I got a message from Monica which changed my life for the better, and forever.

When I finally had the courage to explore my lesbian thoughts and feelings, I knew I had found just the girl that could help me do so. I had met Monica before I had received her message on POF. She was my umpire for the summer softball league I was a part of that summer. I had remembered being pissed that she had called me out on home plate, and was mad at her for a long time after. I can remember one thing that broke my brief seconds of anger, and those were her brown eyes. As she yelled “OUT,” I can remember her eyes locking with mine. The world seemed to stop, and then resumed and then I did not see her again. That is until I met back up with her on POF one cold January day.

When she popped up in my inbox on POF, I had to giggle. I said to myself “brown eyes is back.” She did not remember me, so I kindly helped her remember her mistake at home plate. She instantly knew who I was, and after one conversation, I then was hooked on her.

For the first year, I was afraid to let the world know I was part of the LGBTQ community. (mai mult…)