She is lovely and adorable but just a terrible actress thus far

aprilie 12th, 2024| es+novias-italianas mejor orden de correo novia|

She is lovely and adorable but just a terrible actress thus far

1st: there are two completely different halves in this movie. The first is more of a survival, with all the moves you’ve seen before and the other goes revenge style, again, with the most common behavior possible.

2nd: the first part is really boring, I was just sitting there waiting for something to happen. I even began to question if this is a horror movie or not.

4th: unnecessary torture. Whenever a movie fails to deliver some horror parts it goes the torture porn direction and tries to get away. Enough with this already.

In the end, tho I can understand people that cheer for Curve, I got to say I seriously disliked it. Annoyed that I found this little movie.

Is he actually a sex maniac or a mentally disturbed man who went through childhood abuse or both?

Now please don’t misunderstand me here. Curve is not some masterpiece of film making. It is probably a good film at best. However, going into it, my expectations were very low. I even wondered if I would end up finishing the movie. I also admit my reasons for going into it were pretty shallow and that is my crush on Julianne Hough. She tries but she just misses her mark every time. So I didn’t expect much from this. Guess what? This is actually her best performance to date period. Also I scored this film an 8 because I thoroughly enjoyed it and was entertained AND its one of those almost “one-person” survival films (think Brake or Buried or Freezer) but this film has two main players (one being a nut-job) and a few supporting characters hardly seen. Most of this film rides on Hough surviving and she pulls it off. The story is good enough that you never get bored and you’re on the edge of your seat and you’re rooting for her. (mai mult…)