4. Your Partner Doesn’t Get Your Sensitivity and Needs

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4. Your Partner Doesn’t Get Your Sensitivity and Needs

You feel trapped in a movie theatre, resent having to go to a dinner party, and would rather be at home and work. Without understanding what is happening, you feel guilty and ashamed or assume there is something wrong or unhealthy about the way you are.

You seek authentic relationships and attribute different meanings and weights to sex or dating

Creative and entrepreneurial endeavors call for solitude, space, and dedication. These are things that https://lovingwomen.org/no/varme-og-sexy-vietnamesiske-kvinner/ can come into short supply when one is in a committed partnership. You may try to negotiate with your partner but they may not be able to understand your needs, and the unique challenges you face when dating as an intense person.

Instead, when you are trying to meet your own needs they feel left out, sidelined, or ignored. You may both get resentful or even passive-aggressive, resulting in unhealthy relationship dynamics.

Being gifted, intense, and sensitive, you have myriad physical sensitivities and a unique need for a balance between stimulation and restoration. Challenges of dating as an intense person often overlap with the problems faced by those who identify as being highly sensitive (HSPs).

You have a heightened response to stimuli such as noise, visual images, strong colors, caffeine, smells, and rough surfaces. You may get overwhelmed by things that excite your partner, and as a result, are not able to do things or attend certain events together.

You may find their music too loud, their taste in humor too abrasive, their perfume overpowering. Your sensitivity doesn’t equate with weakness. (mai mult…)