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What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence?

septembrie 27th, 2021|Bookkeeping|

Patient records and medical history can be shared within seconds from hospital to hospital through online portals, and crucial information can be gathered for community health outcomes, as seen with recent at-home tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Essentially, medical professionals can focus more on the needs of the patient and community while AI does the busy work. Obviously there are certain downsides to using AI and machine learning to complete tasks.

Researchers are working on ways to integrate AI into education at all levels. Apps like FitnessAI are popping up online to help novice users dig even deeper into AI capabilities for a truly customized workout. And that doesn’t even consider all of the already available apps that use AI to nudge people toward healthier lifestyle choices. “Neats” hope that intelligent behavior is described using simple, elegant principles (such as logic, optimization, or neural networks).

Perhaps the most notable example of this would be the program AlphaGo, developed by Google, which taught itself to play Go and within three days started inventing new strategies that humans hadn’t yet thought of. The first major advantage of implementing AI is that it decreases human error, as well as risk to humans. In this article, we’ll discuss the major benefits and drawbacks of adopting AI, both in everyday life and in business. We’ll also talk through some use cases for AI, to give you an idea of how AI can help in your life. Our articles feature information on a wide variety of subjects, written with the help of subject matter experts and researchers who are well-versed in their industries. This allows us to provide articles with interesting, relevant, and accurate information.

Ethical dilemmas

AI has been used to predict the ripening time for crops such as tomatoes, monitor soil moisture, operate agricultural robots, conduct predictive analytics, classify livestock pig call emotions, automate greenhouses, detect diseases and pests, and save water. ChatGPT, based on GPT-3, and other large language models, were tried by 14% of Americans adults. The increasing realism and ease-of-use of AI-based text-to-image generators such as Midjourney, DALL-E, AGIMAGEAI, and Stable Diffusion sparked a trend of viral AI-generated photos.

  • In general, the research community needs better access to government and business data, although with appropriate safeguards to make sure researchers do not misuse data in the way Cambridge Analytica did with Facebook information.
  • Nikita Duggal is a passionate digital marketer with a major in English language and literature, a word connoisseur who loves writing about raging technologies, digital marketing, and career conundrums.
  • All these are concerned about relationships within and among natural existences.
  • Besides, up-to-dated AI is breaking into healthcare industry too by assisting doctors to diagnose, finding the sources of diseases, suggesting various ways of treatment performing surgery and also predicting if the illness is life-threatening [7].
  • Do these applications make your life easier or could you live without them?

It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look to use AI, but it’s important that we understand its limitations so that we can implement it in the right way. While AI can perform specific tasks with remarkable precision, it cannot fully replicate human intelligence and creativity. AI lacks consciousness and emotions, limiting its ability to understand complex human experiences and produce truly creative works.

Risk of Unemployment

AI algorithms can help process higher volumes of complex data, making it usable for analysis. As AI has boomed in recent years, it’s become commonplace in both business and everyday life. People use AI every day to make their lives easier – interacting with AI-powered virtual assistants or programs. Companies use AI to streamline their production operating profit vs net income processes, project gains and losses, and predict when maintenance will have to occur. Investors can take the AI a step further by implementing Portfolio Protection. This uses a different machine learning algorithm to analyze the sensitivity of the portfolio to various forms of risk, such as oil risk, interest rate risk and overall market risk.

Fewer errors

Since it fields 80,000 requests each year, Cincinnati officials are deploying this technology to prioritize responses and determine the best ways to handle emergencies. They see AI as a way to deal with large volumes of data and figure out efficient ways of responding to public requests. Rather than address service issues in an ad hoc manner, authorities are trying to be proactive in how they provide urban services. One of the reasons for the growing role of AI is the tremendous opportunities for economic development that it presents.

BBC News Services

For example, cities could integrate information from ride-sharing services with its own material on social service locations, bus lines, mass transit, and highway congestion to improve transportation. That would help metropolitan areas deal with traffic tie-ups and assist in highway and mass transit planning. In non-transportation areas, digital platforms often have limited liability for what happens on their sites. So, what are the benefits of AI and how does it affect our day to day lives? Here’s a detailed read on the advantages of artificial intelligence in the real world. When it comes to processing data, the scale of data generated far exceeds the human capacity to understand and analyze it.

Well, there are tons of advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence which we’ll discuss in this article. But before we jump into the pros and cons of AI, let us take a quick glance over what is AI. From the functions and abilities provided by AI, we can distinguish two different types. The first is weak AI, also known as narrow AI that is designed to perform a narrow task, such as facial recognition or Internet Siri search or self-driving car.


“Scruffies” expect that it necessarily requires solving a large number of unrelated problems. Neats defend their programs with theoretical rigor, scruffies rely mainly on incremental testing to see if they work. This issue was actively discussed in the 1970s and 1980s,[277] but eventually was seen as irrelevant.

Federal officials need to think about how they deal with artificial intelligence. As noted previously, there are many issues ranging from the need for improved data access to addressing issues of bias and discrimination. It is vital that these and other concerns be considered so we gain the full benefits of this emerging technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging tool that enables people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making—and already it is transforming every walk of life. In this report, Darrell West and John Allen discuss AI’s application across a variety of sectors, address issues in its development, and offer recommendations for getting the most out of AI while still protecting important human values. Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming an essential part of everyday life.

6 5 Compare and Contrast Variable and Absorption Costing Principles of Accounting, Volume 2: Managerial Accounting

septembrie 3rd, 2020|Bookkeeping|

It is much more practical to track how many pounds of nails were used for the period and allocate this cost (along with other costs) to the overhead costs of the finished products. Having a firm understanding of the difference between fixed and variable and direct and indirect costs is important because it shapes how a company prices the goods and services it offers. Knowing the actual costs of production enables the company to price its products efficiently and competitively. Businesses track direct material usage to estimate how much it costs to manufacture products.

The final T-account shows the total cost for the raw materials placed into work in process on April 2 (vinyl and ink) and on April 14 (grommets and wood). The journal entries to reflect the flow of costs from raw materials to work in process to finished goods are provided in the section describing how to Prepare Journal Entries for a Job Order Cost System. To maximize profits, businesses must find every possible way to minimize costs. When you run your own business, you’ll have to cover both fixed and variable costs. For some businesses, overhead may make up 90% of monthly expenses, and variable 10%.

How to Figure Out Direct Labor Cost Per Unit

This way managerial accountants can track the how much the company spends producing these goods and try to streamline the process. The first example of an indirect variable cost we will take is of the ‘indirect material’. An indirect material is a material which is not used in the manufacturing turbotax super bowl commercial tv ad 2021 process, but it is used as part of the sales. Now, the box in which shoes are handed over to the customer is not a direct cost related to the production of shoes. But still, the cost of a box is a variable cost as it would increase with the increase in the number of sales.

  • Fixed manufacturing overhead is still expensed on the income statement, but it is treated as a period cost charged against revenue for each period.
  • Variable costs include direct labor, direct materials, and variable overhead.
  • In the previous example, the fixed overhead cost per unit is $1.20 based on an activity of 10,000 units.
  • Accountants determine whether a variance is favorable or unfavorable by reliance on reason or logic.

It depends on which methodology you use, but you need to be consistent in your methods. A direct variable cost is that type of direct cost, which is proportional to the activity level, i.e., this cost will increase if more units are products and this cost will decrease if fewer units are produced. Returning to the example of Dinosaur Vinyl’s order for Macs & Cheese’s stadium sign, Figure 4.7 shows the materials requisition form for Job MAC001. This form indicates the quantity and specific items to be put into the work in process.

Understanding the Costs in Product Costs

This means that absorption costing allocates a portion of fixed manufacturing overhead to each product. Now assume that 8,000 units are sold and 2,000 are still in finished goods inventory at the end of the year. The amount of the fixed overhead paid by the company is not totally expensed, because the number of units in ending inventory has increased. Eventually, the fixed overhead cost will be expensed when the inventory is sold in the next period. Figure 6.13 shows the cost to produce the 8,000 units of inventory that became cost of goods sold and the 2,000 units that remain in ending inventory. A company with a cost pool of manufacturing overhead uses direct labor hours as its cost allocation basis.

Therefore, the electricity cost is a direct production department cost that is variable since it changes with the volume of products manufactured. On the other hand the salaries of the production department supervisors are a direct production department cost that is fixed. The terms direct costs and indirect costs could be referring to a product, a department, a machine, geographic market, etc. (which are referred to as cost objects). Before we go on to explore direct labor variances, check your understanding of the direct materials efficiency variance. Consumables are those supplies consumed in the general production process, such as machine oil. These items vary with production volume, but cannot be traced back to specific units of production.

Direct materials are those materials and supplies that are consumed during the manufacture of a product, and which are directly identified with that product. Items designated as direct materials are usually listed in the bill of materials file for a product. At this stage, the completed products are transferred into the finished goods inventory account. When the product is sold, the costs move from the finished goods inventory into the cost of goods sold.

Financial Controller: Overview, Qualification, Role, and Responsibilities

Falling under the category of cost of goods sold (COGS), your total variable cost is the amount of money you spend to produce and sell your products or services. That includes labor costs (direct labor) and raw materials (direct materials). Absorption costing is a costing system that is used in valuing inventory. It not only includes the cost of materials and labor, but also both variable and fixed manufacturing overhead costs. This guide will show you what’s included, how to calculate it, and the advantages or disadvantages of using this accounting method. Cost is something that can be classified in several ways, depending on its nature.

Examples of semi-variable costs for ecommerce

In the first six months of 2004, steel prices increased 76 percent, from $350 a ton to $617 a ton. For auto suppliers that use hundreds of tons of steel each year, this had the unexpected effect of increasing expenses and reducing profits. For example, a major producer of automotive wheels had to reduce its annual earnings forecast by $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 as a result of the increase in steel prices. However, it might get extremely complex is today’s dynamic and fast-changing environment.

Even if management is willing to price the product as a loss leader, they still need to know how much money will be lost on each product. To achieve this, management needs an accounting system that can accurately assign and document the costs for each product. Calculating direct materials cost requires knowing how much your company has actually spent on the materials used during production over the period. The method of cost allocation is up to the individual company – common allocation methods are based on the labor content of a product or the square footage used by production equipment. Whatever allocation method used should be employed on a consistent basis from period to period.

The requisition is recorded on the job cost sheet along with the cost of the materials transferred. The costs assigned to job MAC001 are $300 in vinyl, $100 in black ink, $60 in red ink, and $60 in gold ink. During the finishing stages, $120 in grommets and $60 in wood are requisitioned and put into work in process inventory.

This variance indicates the difference between the standard cost per unit of material, and the actual cost paid to procure per unit of material. This indicates the effective price paid to procure the goods, and how far it varies from the standard cost and how it affects the cost of the goods. This indicates the efficiency of the purchase team / Supply chain management. From the accounting records, we know that the company purchased and used in production 6,800 BF of lumber to make 1,620 bodies. Based on a standard of four BF per body, we expected raw materials usage to be 6,480 (1,620 bodies x 4 BF per blank). In the healthcare segment, where doctors are employed at a fixed monthly salary, the salaries of such doctors will be considered as a direct fixed cost.

What are examples of direct materials?

The direct materials concept is used in cost accounting, where this cost is separately classified in several types of financial analysis. Direct materials are rolled into the total cost of goods produced, which is then subdivided into the cost of goods sold (which appears in the income statement) and ending inventory (which appears in the balance sheet). Under the absorption costing method, all costs of production, whether fixed or variable, are considered product costs.

Reconciliation in Accounting: Meaning, Purposes, Types

martie 5th, 2020|Bookkeeping|

account reconciliation

In the world of accounting, reconciliation is not just a term; it is an essential tool for ensuring accuracy, maintaining financial health, and fostering trust. By systematically reconciling accounts, businesses can ensure they are working with the most accurate, up-to-date financial information. This process helps detect any anomalies or discrepancies early, allowing for timely rectification.

account reconciliation

Tick all transactions recorded in the cash book against similar transactions appearing in the bank statement. Make a list of all transactions in the bank statement that are not supported, i.e., are not supported by any evidence such as a payment receipt. For example, a company maintains a record of all the receipts for purchases made to make sure that the money incurred is going to the right avenues.

What are the Different Types of Account Reconciliation?

All businesses must identify errors, whether they occur in data entry, at the bank account level, because of omission, lack of information, duplication, or for some other reason. All businesses are vulnerable to unscrupulous employees, cyber-theft, and dishonest customers, vendors, or suppliers. account reconciliation can help prevent fraudulent activity by identifying such common practices as duplicate checks, unauthorized credit card activity, or altered invoices. Account reconciliation is an important process to ensure the validity and accuracy of all financial statements.

  • The goal of the account reconciliation process is to ensure cash inflows and outflows (debits and credits) always correspond.
  • Identify any transactions in the bank statement that are not backed up by any evidence.
  • Whether new to BlackLine or a longtime customer, we curate events to guide you along every step of your modern accounting journey.
  • Enhance your month-end closing and easily integrate your existing accounting or ERP software without disrupting your current finance workflow.
  • Accountants must manage workloads individually, set calendar reminders, and follow up with managers via email to complete reconciliations on time.

The process of account reconciliation is all about creating a more robust and reliable financial foundation for your business. Enhance your month-end closing and easily integrate your existing accounting or ERP software without disrupting your current finance workflow. Bid farewell to the headaches of bank statement discrepancies and transaction errors.

Workflow Automation

Reconcile meaning in accounting is reconciling two or more financial statements to ensure they are accurate and consistent. This includes reconciling assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses; determining whether there are any differences between the account balances in each statement; and making any necessary adjustments. Vena automates time-consuming financial close processes, e.g., data collection, account reconciliation and inter-company transactions.

This removes the burden of manually performing this task, and frees capacity for accountants to focus on analyzing discrepancies. To mitigate financial statement risk and increase operational effectiveness, consumer goods organizations are turning to modern accounting and leading best practices. To sustain timely performance of daily activities, banking and financial services organizations are turning to modern accounting and finance practices. Effective collaboration is vital in creating exceptional customer experiences while simultaneously achieving your efficiency goals—like improving the account reconciliation process. This method of reconciliation involves using estimates of historical account activity levels and other metrics.

Intuit adds TurboTax to accounting, personal financial tools to tap more users

februarie 13th, 2020|Bookkeeping|

accounting Colorado Springs

Jennifer did an outstanding job for Caroline and me with our taxes. She went the extra mile for us even when it was last minute and she must have been slammed with a deadline. I would recommend her as she is dedicated to doing the best job possible and not just running people in and out the door. I switched CPA because I needed a person on my business that would help guide me to stay on top of tax laws as well as tax opportunities Jennifer has done this.

Information provided on this web site “Site” by WCG Inc. is intended for reference only. The information contained herein is designed solely to provide guidance to the user, and is not intended to be a substitute for the user seeking personalized professional advice based on specific factual situations. This Site may contain references to certain laws and regulations which may change over time and should be interpreted only in light of particular circumstances. As such, information on this Site does NOT constitute professional accounting, tax or legal advice and should not be interpreted as such.

Tax and Small Business Updates

Complex or unusual transactions must be handled correctly to produce meaningful financial statements. Statements you need to manage life or business. Whether you are a start-up business, a growing business or a mature corporation, SSA, P.C. Has the expertise to help you with your accounting and bookkeeping. We’re dedicated to keeping you up to date on COVID-19 and its impact on individuals, families and businesses.

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Should we need to schedule an additional consultation, our fee is $250 for 40 minutes. If we decide to press forward with a Business Advisory or Tax Patrol Services engagement, we will credit the consultation fee towards those services. “With Phases Accounting bookkeeping colorado springs & Tax Services, each client receives close personal and professional attention.” Ritz Business Services, Inc. provides Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services to Small and Medium sized Business Owners in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Colorado.

Do I need an accounting major to become an accountant?

We along with our Accountants have over 40 years of combined experience helping Small Business Owners in Colorado Springs Decrease Taxes and Improve Profitability. TurboTax’s dominance has drawn scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers. Bloomberg News reported last week that senators, including Elizabeth Warren, said tax credits given to Intuit may have been better spent to build a free government alternative to TurboTax. Of the 136 million users of the Credit Karma finance portal at the end of July 2023, more than 40 million did not use TurboTax, the company said. “If you’ve got 43 million people consuming Credit Karma and they’re not using our taxes right now, it’s a great opportunity to serve them,” said Mark Notarainni, executive in-charge of Intuit’s Consumer Group. We are continually searching for ways to minimize your taxes.

Based in the Colorado Springs area, Erickson, Brown & Kloster, P.C. Offers QuickBooks and tax services to individuals and small businesses since 1984. They provide part-time CFO services, payroll, small business accounting, bank financing, audits, business valuation, cash flow management, strategic business and succession planning, internal controls, and more for small businesses. They also provide personal financial planning, estate planning, and elder care services for individuals. The company holds memberships with the AICPA and the COCPA, and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Scott Porter, CPA is a locally owned and operated firm that serves all types of businesses in Colorado Springs.

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