So, You Want to Date a Woman Who Travels (Solo)…?

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So, You Want to Date a Woman Who Travels (Solo)…?

That’s simple. Staying together, either on the road or back home? That’s a whole lot more complicated. And for a lot of couples, love isn’t enough to weather that storm.

I don’t think I’ll ever be in a serious relationship again. That aware and open to the idea that maybe I might possibly want to have a partner in my life again. But for now, I really don’t think so. I’m at a place now where I won’t sacrifice my peace for anyone. Unless someone can complement my life, in a big way, it’s not worth me changing it.

I am perfectly aware I can’t speak for everyone in this post. Maybe there are some solo female travelers out there who want the fuck boys, who play games and don’t mind wasting their time. But now that I’m traveling solo in my 30s, I’ve realized the other single women my age – who are travelers like me – are on the same page. We’re on the same level, we have the same perspectives on dating and men, we want the same things. So, if you’re wanting to date a woman who travels – especially a woman who travels solo – here are a few things to consider.

We are independent as fuck. We do not need a man. We do not need anyone else. We take care of ourselves, we can and will do everything on our own. But, if we choose to be with someone, know that that is a much deeper commitment than needing to be with them. Because we could be on our own, but we care about someone enough to be with them.

We won’t put up with any bullshit. Don’t try it on us, because we’d rather do life on our own than be treated less than we deserve.

Women who travel solo don’t have time for insecure, egotistical, fuck boys. We won’t build up an ego at the expense of our peace. We are looking for secure men, who are good communicators, to build mutual trust with. Our lives will likely still be adventurous even if we’re in a relationship – so if we can’t trust each other, there’s no point in trying a relationship. (mai mult…)