As everybody knows, the goal of all businesses is gaining profit. The profit represents the amount that remains after the deduction of all expenditures from the total income. Thus, if we want to increase the profit, there are two options: reducing the expenditures and increasing the incomes.

The most important advantage of the franchise is increasing the number of clients and implicitly the incomes, together with the diminishing of expenditures with significant percentages, approximately 20% monthly. This percentage increases with the increase of the association members’ number.
Presently, a significant part of world’s businesses are made on the grounds of the franchise (or concession) principle. Important companies merge in order to become stronger. Which are the reasons?
It is easier to face the market difficulties in a team.
The success recipe has already been proved and improved.

The profit is gained instantly, due to the experience of those who are the best in their field.
Differentiation in made between professionalism, experience = profit and amateurism, sounding = loss.
The today client desires higher and higher quality, his expectations are bigger and wider. Ciufolici has gained a well-deserved place on the market due to a very special care exercised in the relation with each client, manifested by treatments and by the environment in rooms, by the personnel’s greater professionalism and improved skills, by the use of high-quality professional products, by constantly advertising currently or recently applied services.
Owning a Ciufolici Saloon represents running a successful, attractive, pleasant and especially profitable business.

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