But on a base level, you’re doing the things you love when you’re traveling

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But on a base level, you’re doing the things you love when you’re traveling

Meeting People When You Travel

When you’re traveling long-term you are literally meeting people, everywhere, constantly. You walk into a hostel and introduce yourself to seven strangers you’ll be sleeping with. You show up for a tour and say hi to 20 different people. You pull up in a parking lot, and have a chat with the person next to you. You encounter new people, all the time – because you are in a new environment, all the time.

You’re likely to connect on a deeper level with someone you meet when you’re traveling. First of all, you’re likely both traveling. And if you want to date someone who’s passionate about travel, that’s a good place to start! So, the likelihood that you’ll meet someone with similar interests, hobbies, and/or passions is higher when you’re traveling. If you meet someone when you’re hiking, camping, swimming, on a historical walking tour, photographing a beautiful scene – it’s likely that they share these interests, too. (Why else would they be there?!) Finding someone who is interested in the same things as you is simply easier. When you travel, you’re doing those things at a much higher frequency than when you’re home, and (probably) working most of the week.

Yes, you can probably find someone hot to make out with in any bar, anywhere in the world. And yes, if physical hookups are all you’re after, you won’t struggle finding that when you travel! However, I think you meet people you connect more genuinely with when you’re traveling.

Introducing yourself or saying hi might feel intimidating when you’re in your normal environment. Or, you might worry about “coming off too strong” and seeming overbearing. But on the road, you have much lower inhibitions. It becomes natural when you travel long enough. I’m living proof of this: as a life-long introvert, who has often had lots of social anxiety, I can walk into any room and make friends – because I’ve traveled, and traveled solo. (mai mult…)