Welcome to Ciufolici! This is exactly what we would like you to feel… that you are welcome. Our mission is to provide services of the highest quality, to the absolute satisfaction of our clients; to permanently outpass the continuously increasing expectations of our clients, performing our tasks in compliance with the highest standards of professional ethics. Our stylists have the talent, the skills and the visions required to make you look and feel great.

In September 2004, Ciufolici celebrates 12 years of existence. In all these years, Ciufolici had known an incredible development. Initially intended to be a hairstylist’s / hairdresser’s shop for children and teenagers, now, upon the client’s request, Ciufulici also provides a complete range of beauty services for grownups. The number of clients has increased that much, as now the 2 Locations are not enough. In the next future, other two Ciufolici facilities will be inaugurated in Bucharest.

If we have already known each other, we invite you to be the beneficiaries of the advantages of our Special Offers. Or stick around a little longer to find out about our News. If you haven’t made our acquaintance yet, you can find out about the numerous possibilities in which Ciufolici can bring the world of beauty into your lives. From a ravishingly beautiful hair to the wonderful painted nails. All these in a luxuriant environment of comfort and relaxation. Please visit us!

If you wish to benefit of priority before other client, please make a reservation in advance.